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What Makes Next Level Kidz NJ Different from Other Groups?

We offer a variety of groups for ALL children no matter their ability. These classes are ran by a certified Occupational Therapist, who specializes in child development, sensory processing, social interaction, and behaviors. Our groups include FUN Developmental, Sensory Exploration, and Social Interest Topics For ALL Children, of ALL Abilities and Ages 



Not Your Typical Class!

Classes balance both structure & spontaneity. Classes are client (families and children) centered and are rooted in child development and every experience is thoughtfully designed with an OT's touch. 


Do Classes Replace the Need for Therapy?

No, our classes are led by a certified Occupational Therapist and intended to boost your child’s overall development, however they DO NOT replace the need for individualized Occupational Therapy. That being said, classes are inclusive of all types of learners with a variety of abilities and needs - our classes would be a great addition to any specialized therapies your child may be receiving!

Cancelation Policy:

Kids get sick, things come up - I get it! Classes can be canceled with 24 hours notice. If you cancel. Please EMAIL at least 24 hours in advanced to cancel your class. If a child is sick or class is canceled due to weather, instructor illness, etc, a MAKE-UP class will be offered. Make-up classes must be taken within 90 days of cancelled class. Unfortunately there will be no make-up for "No-Show/No Notice"

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Sensory Exploration

Social Interest

Traveling Services

Special Events
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